Clay models for bronze casting. Comission 2019-20

John McGlashan College centenary bronze sculpture 2017/2018

Bronze Pelorus Jack 2016

3.5 m bronze sculpture of legendary Pelorus Jack Dolphin, to be sited at French Pass, Marlborough Sounds.

Sea Lion 2015
Larger than life size
Polyurethane foam and fibre glass, steel armature

Comissioned by the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust as a memorial to the sea lion known as 'Mum' who was the first sea lion to give birth on mainland New Zealand for 100 years after the population was decimated by whalers and sealers. 
This sculpture is sited at St. Clair esplanade, Dunedin. 

Instillation of the sculpture

For Ever and Ever 2015
Life size
Polyurethane foam & fibreglass, steel armature and chain.

In commemoration of the centenary of the ANZAC campaign at Gallipoli.
The title appropriated from the closing of the lord’s prayer introduces this piece of  sculpture which draws physical analogies between the sacrificial image of Christ and the sacrifice of the fallen soldier.
The young soldier is frozen In time, gripping gymnastic rings in the crucifix position, training for action, ready for the call to arms and prepared for sacrifice.
Constructed from polyurethane foam and fibre glass it is designed to hang from the bower of a tree and withstand outdoor conditions.
The figure is painted to resemble bronze, referencing the traditional monument and creating a disquiet hanging from a tree bower.